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Days Healthcare is proud to be a leading player in the UK mobility and rehabilitation industry. With over 40 years’ experience we specialise in providing solutions for a wide variety of needs and to a wide variety of customers. We are a major supplier to the NHS as well as servicing charitable organisations, independent professionals, nursing and Old People Products Links residential care homes, and our many retailers.

As a respected member of the British Healthcare Trade Association, we work closely with Government bodies, such as the Department of Health, and professional organisations such as the Infection Prevention Society and the College of Occupational Therapists.

The people who really benefit from our expertise however are the two million customers in the UK, and the many thousands more overseas, who use and trust products from Days Healthcare everyday, throughout their daily activities.

With our comprehensive product range, we provide the means to give you more confidence and support in your everyday life. From a wide range of manual and power wheelchairs, to homecare and bathroom aids, to day-to-day walking aids, Days Healthcare has an extensive product portfolio to cater for your individual needs.

Based in South Wales, Days Healthcare operates from an extensive £10m warehousing facility and employs around 100 people. We are all dedicated to providing you with the highest possible service, including same day/next day despatch.

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The children and young adults who originally Product for Old People took up inline skating during its heyday are not finding themselves in their forties and fifties. Officials at Rollerblade want to remind these old people skaters that inline skating isn’t just for teens and isn’t just for fun. It is also good exercise as well. Rollerblade marks its 25th anniversary this year.

“I certainly do like the Good Gifts Catalogue. It’s a great idea, as are the gifts. Making a choice is the difficulty, but I’ve decided to help establish a business in Africa. A pair of re-conditioned sewing machines, cost, a princely £75, will help open a tailoring business, run by women. Need I say more? I intend to give this gift to myself, as a goad to give up my present dependence on safety pins and learn to thread a needle.”

I am using the ITToolbox wiki to remember old products and old product names and provide some history behind the products we are using today. This may help online searches find out what has happened to a product. I’ve started with the IBM Information Server products but it can be done with any Product for Old People enterprise software product. While wikipedia is great for documenting every version of you might have a better response with business IT software on our wiki.

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Have you ever had the experience Old People Product where you discover some software running at work you cannot find the vendor who supplied it?  Or worse, the product and brand don’t seem to exist any more. You get a couple old press releases but you’ve no idea what has become of it. That’s assuming there were press releases and they are still around.

“This is a truly innovative idea. We all have friends and family who every year say “please don’t get me anything” because there isn’t anything they particularly need and they don’t want us to waste our money. But we don’t believe them so we buy them something anyway. They say, “Thank you, it’s beautiful” to be polite, and then never use it. Well, the Good Gifts Catalogue stops the guilt and the waste. The Wish List register is Old People Product perfect. There’s no need for we present buyers to ever get it wrong again.”

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“Though everyone knows that giving is infinitely more enriching than receiving, finding the right outlet for generosity can Products for Old People sometimes be hard. The Good Gifts Catalogue solves the conundrum brilliantly. I’m particularly taken with the ‘Support a Fishwife’ gift, which buys boats and equipment for impoverished communities in South India. This isn’t something that you’ll ever find in an Argos catalogue, but it does have the edge over a food blender.”
Alain de Botton Many older phones have not been updated with modular jacks and wiring. New jacks can be installed by the phone company, although it is quite simple to do. You or someone you know might be able to do the installation. The modular jacks make it easy to add a new phone.

“I am sure like everyone sometimes it is really hard to think of something to buy for your Mum, Dad, brother or friends and this guide has some fantastic ideas that are good for the environment too. I hope the idea takes off.”  “It is hard to choose just one gift from an array of presents which are probably the best one could ever give or receive, but my first choices would be ‘Thirst Aid’ for all those who need quenching, ‘Taking the old out of cold’ because it’s miserable to shiver through the winter, and ‘Buy a village library’ because I think everyone should be given the chance to read.”  “What a wonderful idea Products for Old People. I hope everyone buys a gift from the Good Gifts Catalogue.”

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Old People Products sells every kind of sticker! We have over 20,000 bumper stickers, political stickers, funny stickers and other products in stock that we ship daily from our warehouse in Hygiene, Colorado. But that’s not all we do, we also print custom stickers. With premium and quick stickers stocks as well as available 24 hour printing, the ability to make any customer the sticker of their dreams definitely makes us the StickerGiant.

Fortunately, the telephone is one device that is changing to meet the needs of older persons and persons with disabilities. Within the last 15 years there has been a vast increase in the variety of phones available and the different features that phones offer. Prices have decreased, and choices have increased. For older persons and persons with disabilities, today’s new phone features make communication by phone much easier. Some people who could not use the old standard rotary phone can now make and receive calls using features found in many new phones.

Giant was founded in 2000 in a basement office and is now sprawling all over Hygiene, Colorado. We like to think our growth is becuase Old People Products all about expressing yourself. Liberal or Conservative, Christian or Atheist, Leno or Letterman, Regular or Diet. We don’t care. Just peel it, stick it, and tell the world about it.